Famine arrived with flair. He spun his motorcycle to a halt mere inches behind War's hummer, covering it with a light dusting of desert sand. War, unmoved by the display of impulsive behaviour, simply looked on into the desert in search of his remaining brother. Both he and Death, being the elder of the four brothers, had come to expect a certain lack of restraint from their younger siblings.

Famine approached the tree, removing his helmet. Beneath, he was obviously young -- perhaps in his early twenties by appearance, but his gaunt, pale, albino appearance made him, at the same time, appear much older. His eyes, however, shone with the exuberant fire of youth, and his smile never failed to dazzle an onlooker. His smile, a brilliant white-toothed grin, managed to appear both charming and devilish. Famine was the charmer of the four. He had a reputation for being able to beguile all manner of men and women. "Hello, D, " he said non-chalantly. "Has War been boring you with tales of conquest and tactics again?"

War spun upon his brother. "You're late, as usual, Fam. I fail to comprehend how you and your twin could both be so completely unrestrained. You lack all hint of discipline or temperance."

Famine had heard this lecture countless times before, and he showed no sign of paying any attention to his brother's scolding. He simply walked to the edge of the shade and looked out across the desert. "I'm honestly surprised that we can, as yet, see no signs of Pest. He was right behind me no more than a week ago when we began our journey -- and I even stopped off a few times for a bite to eat. " Famine grinned an evil grin at the thought of food.

Death, amused by the consternation upon War's face at being ignored by his younger brother, simply put his hand upon War's shoulder and said, "War, my friend and brother, you must learn patience with your brothers. We all have our own sense of style and timing, and young as they may be, both Famine and Pestilence each further our cause as a whole more that any single one of us ever could. We must give them credit for who they are."

War's face softened somewhat at Death's words. Death was the eldest of the four, and had watched them all grow from youth into the men they were now. War could never remember a time when Death had not been there with a kind word or a helping hand. He was as much a father to them all as a brother, and he was, to War, just as much a dear friend.

In his mind, Famine was relieved. He had always relied on the cool head of Death to act as a peacemaker between him and his elder brother. He admired the sense of purpose that his brother War always carried, but he felt so little in common with him. He had much more in common with his twin brother Pestilence, although he'd seen very little of him of late. The time they'd all spent together seemed always to be getting shorter and shorter. This gathering was a welcome reunion for the four, and Famine was eager for Pestilence to arrive.

After only a brief wait, War noticed with his binoculars, a great plume of smoke over the horizon. Some time later, as the cloud of smoke became larger, he noticed a car leading the plume and heading toward them. "I think, good brothers, our fourth has arrived. Pestilence appears to be heading toward us. I have gas masks in the car, should it prove necessary."